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Ensure that your business has a top-class system by using our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service.

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What we do

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service is tailored to the needs of each of our individual clients. We will support and guide your business through the full recruitment and talent attraction cycle. We will assist your business in preparing the job advertisement, the job description and posting your vacancy on the relevant recruitment platforms. 

Further to this, we work in conjunction with you in deciding on the best recruitment and selection methods for your business. We will help your business decide on whether a competency framework or a competency-based interview along with an Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) would best suit your recruitment and selection requirements.

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recruitment process outsourcing


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a service where the recruitment function of your business is performed by an external provider on your behalf. It provides your business with the necessary resources and the most up-to-date sourcing and recruitment methods. This is provided by assisting your business in deciding on its recruitment and talent needs and supporting your business throughout the recruitment and selection cycle.

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How we do it

Job Advert/Job Description

We will assist your business in deciding what content should go in the advert such as the description, responsibilities, duties and skillset required for the role whilst ensuring compliance with Employment Equality legislation.

Selection Methods

We will support you in deciding the best options available for the selection of the most suitable candidate. This includes where to advertise the role, screening/shortlisting, types of interviews, OPQ testing or various tests to demonstrate the skillset required.



We will provide a service of screening and shortlisting candidates who apply for the role. This will include deciding on the screening/shortlisting scoring matrix and criteria. We will ensure the candidates most suitable for the role will be identified for the interview process. As part of our service, we will also support you with the relevant documentation required for this process.

Interview Assessment

We will assist your business in deciding on the type of interview required. This includes the formation of the interview scoring matrix, the interview questions and who is required to sit on the interview panel. We will decide on a competency framework for recruitment or a competency-based interview.

Interview Panel

Our HR consultants are trained in the recruitment and selection process and have many years of experience in this area. Should your business require additional support during the interview process, we can sit on the interview panel with you and your team. This gives your business the reassurance of having a competent external interviewer.

OPQ Testing

Occupational Personality Questionnaires (OPQ) and Ability Tests are proven methods for assessing a potential employees critical qualities for the particular role you are recruiting for. This is an excellent tool to assist you in recruiting potential employees to ensure they are the right fit for your business. As part of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service, your business will have the option of accessing this testing method.

Reference Checks/Medicals

Before a job offer is made is it vital to decide how you will check references for your potential candidate? We will guide you through best practices. We will assist you in deciding if a medical assessment is required in advance.

Offer Letter

When the successful candidate is selected, we will draft the appropriate job offer letter. We will ensure the required and relevant information is included in this communication to the successful candidate.

Employment Contract

We will guide you in deciding on the type of employment contract that should be issued to your new employee. If you currently have employment contracts in place, we will review and provide the suggested amendments. If you don’t have existing ones, we can create employment contracts and employee handbooks for your business. This is vital in ensuring employment legislation compliance.


We can guide your business on the induction/onboarding process to follow for your new employee. The first impression of an employee can have a lasting impact on their integration into their new role and their job satisfaction going forward. A well-managed process is key to ensuring employee turnover remains low and your employer brand is protected.

Providing HR Support For Almost 20 Years



Access to a team of HR consultants who are trained and experienced in the area of recruitment and selection.


Best Practice

You will have reassurance for your business in knowing that best practice is following in line with Employment Equality legislation.




Your business will receive a confidential and quality recruitment and selection service from our dedicated team.


Reduce Time

Outsourcing recruitment will free up your existing management team to focus on more strategic elements of your business.

Talent Attraction

We will help you attract business talent with our advice and guidance on the best recruitment and selection methods.

Employer Brand

As part of our outsourcing service, we will ensure your employer brand is protected and that your recruitment and selection process is in line with your business values.


The HR Suite offer systems solutions including an online HR software to streamline your HR functions, a learning
management system and an EAP service.

Business Solutions

We will assist your business in achieving goals and objectives along with your strategic HR planning.

Employment Law

We provide best practices and up-to-date guidance and advise on all employment law queries relating to the employee lifecycle.

HR Training

The HR Suite provides a full suite of training services, offering on-site and online training solutions to your business.


We are proud of our innovation and top-class e-learning platform. We have an array of HR courses available on this platform.

HR Outsourcing

Our HR outsourcing service complements your existing HR team by providing a dedicated HR and employment law consultant available for your HR needs.

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