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HR Outsourcing

The HR Suite can give you an invaluable opportunity to have a dedicated HR department, without the cost of recruiting one in-house.


What we do

We provide a cost-effective HR outsourcing service to large enterprises, multinational companies and SMEs. This service will support your existing HR team or alternatively provide a fully outsourced HR solution to suit your business HR requirements and obligations. 

Our outsourcing service will assist your business in deciding on its strategic goals and objectives. We can provide support to your HR team in assisting with administration, documentation and HR training needs. You and your team will have access to a dedicated HR consultant who will manage your daily HR requirements. 

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HR Business Solutions in Ireland

How we do it


As part of our HR outsourcing service, we will ensure all company documentation is up to date and in line with current employment legislation. This will include: 

  • Employment Contracts  
  • Employee Handbook 
  • All Policies and Procedures  


We will ensure that you are supported in the following areas: 

  • Employment Law Advice 
  • Leave and Entitlement Queries 
  • HR Data Protection Obligations  
  • Employee Development and Retention 
  • Recruitment and Talent Attraction
  • OPQ Personality Testing 
  • Employee Surveys 
  • WRC Audit Preparation 

Investigation & Dispute Resolution Services

We can assist your business in dealing with complex Investigations and Dispute Resolution. We will deliver this by: 

  • Providing an Independent Investigation Service 
  • Grievance Management 
  • Disciplinary Management 
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution Service 
  • Providing Representation at WRC and Labour Court hearings 


As your HR business partner, we will assist your business in planning the strategic goals for your company. This will assist with: 

  • HR Strategy 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Risk Management 
  • Re-structuring 
  • Business Solutions 
  • Coaching 
  • Mentoring 
  • Excellence Through People Accreditation 


As part of our HR outsourcing service, we will help your business plan its training needs. We provide: 

  • Tailored Group Training for Management 
  • Tailored Group Training for Employees 
  • HR Management Development Programmes 
  • Cost-Effective E-learning Platform 


We will support your business by: 

Additional HR Support

We will provide advice and support on: 

  • Change Management 
  • Performance Management 
  • Reward Systems 
  • Workplace Conflict 
  • IT HR Solutions 


The HR Suite offers system solutions including HR Software to streamline your HR function, an e-Learning Platform and access to an Employee Assistance Programme.


Flexible, cost-effective HR outsourcing solution to reduce HR administration costs and free your management team to handle the core business activities.


Access to an expert team of HR professionals and employment law consultants across all areas of HR and training. We have over 20 years of experience in various industries throughout Ireland.

Best Practice

Our experienced team will apply industry best practices to your HR and training needs. We will ensure your business is in line with the most recent employment legislation.


You will receive a confidential and high-quality service as part of your outsourcing solution. We will ensure that your HR goals and requirements are delivered.


You will have the assurance that your business is fully compliant with employment legislation and all statutory HR requirements in this increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Part of Your Team

You and your business can consider your HR consultant as an extra member of your management team. We will be on hand to deal with all your HR activities. 

Providing HR Support For Almost 20 Years


The HR Suite offers system solutions including HR software to streamline your HR function, an e-Learning platform and access to an Employee Assistance Programme.

Business Solutions

Our HR consultants can provide support and guidance on planning your business strategy. We will devise business plans in conjunction with the objectives and vision of your company. 

Employment Law

Our team of employment law consultants provide advice to businesses throughout Ireland. We will provide support and guidance relating to grievance and disciplinary matters.

HR Training

The HR Suite provides a variety of HR training options and topics. This can be delivered through an online platform or delivered face to face.


The HR Suite has a highly interactive and innovative e-Learning system. This is accessible at any time, from any location and from any device.


Your consultant will provide recruitment and talent management assistance to your business. In such a competitive employment market, it is essential to stay ahead with best-practice solutions.

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We would love to hear from you. You can contact us as below:

The HR Suite, 13 Upper Baggot Street,
2nd Floor, Dublin 4. DO4 W7K5

The HR Suite, Pier 17 Dingle Road,
Tralee, Co. Kerry. V92 R6DX (HQ)

The HR Suite, 12 South Mall,
Centre, Cork. T12 RD43

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HR Outsourcing FAQs

What is meant by HR outsourcing?

HR outsourcing is an HR business service which is provided by an external company. This is a cost-effective solution for your business which allows the management team to focus on strategic objectives. It is suitable for large enterprises, multinational companies and small to medium-sized organisations. 

It will support your existing HR team or alternatively provide a fully outsourced solution to suit your business, in areas such as HR administration, documentation and training. The company will work in conjunction with your existing team in deciding on strategic goals and objectives for the business. 

Why is HR outsourcing important?

HR outsourcing is important as it provides your business with the reassurance that you are compliant with the ever-changing employment legislation in Ireland. Your business will have access to an expert in employment law and HR-related matters. Having company documentation in order and up to date is vital, and outsourcing your HR needs solves this. Your dedicated consultant will support your business in matters relating to Discipline, Grievance, Dignity and Respect at Work and any issues relating to WRC complaints or inspections. This is important as it frees up your team to focus on the strategic goals of the organisation.

What are the types of HR outsourcing?

There are many types of HR outsourcing services. They can include strategic HR initiatives, annual HR support, recruitment and talent management, payroll, workplace investigations management and training/mentoring for your business. The types of services used depend on the business size and requirements needed.

What are the most outsourced HR activities?

A business can outsource most of its HR need to a consultancy if needed. Alternatively, larger businesses outsource certain elements of their HR function. This can include documentation and administration, workplace investigations, payroll, induction and onboarding process, recruitment and talent management, performance management, redundancy/layoff and retirement and training/mentoring for the business.

What other services do The HR Suite offer?

The HR Suite provides tailored HR training courses in Ireland. This includes People Management, Employment Law, Workplace Wellbeing, Dignity and Respect in the Workplace, Diversity & Inclusion, Performance Management, Time Management, Conflict Management, Menopause in the Workplace Leadership Development Programme and Management Development Programme. We also have an innovative e-learning platform which provides many HR courses to suit the requirements and needs of businesses throughout Ireland.