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Our employment law consultants within The HR Suite provide professional employment law advice to businesses throughout Ireland.



Our Employment Law Consultants provide expert Employment Law and HR advice to our clients throughout Ireland. This includes discipline, grievance, discrimination and any Industrial Relation issues. Your dedicated consultant will assist you in planning your Strategic HR plan including talent and succession planning, training needs and recruitment.  

We have been providing regular employment law updates since 2009 to our clients to ensure that they are kept informed via newsletters and webinars. Be sure to join our newsletter list at the bottom of this page to avail of our regular updates and be informed of our upcoming events and webinars. 

HR Business Solutions in Ireland



The HR Suite provide full HR investigation services for bullying and harassment complaints. Our employment law consultants also undertake disciplinary workplace investigations and grievance workplace investigations on behalf of their clients. We can recommend the correct disciplinary procedures and grievance procedures to follow. 


We provide advice to our clients regarding internal workplace investigations.  Our team provide this through one-to-one calls with follow on supporting documentation and templates.  Your business will never feel alone or unsupported when the need for an internal workplace investigation arises. 


The HR Suite will work with your business to prepare for a Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) inspection.  Your dedicated employment law consultant will complete an HR audit for your business.  We will issue a full report outlining recommendations.  Additionally, we can assist and rectify any issues highlighted during a WRC Inspection. 


Mediation can be used for many workplace processes including bullying, harassment and grievance issues. Mediation provides a confidential and professional service to assist all parties to reach a mutual agreement.  Mediation can also provide a conclusion or an outcome to a workplace dispute. 


Our consultants provide representation for our clients at third party forums.  This may include the WRC and the Labour Court.  Our team will prepare a submission for your case and can attend with you or your business representative on the day of the hearing.


Your dedicated employment law consultant ensures that you have regular contact with The HR Suite. Our consultants provide HR support and Irish employment law advice to the business’s existing HR team or directly to the business owner or management structure. .


Your assigned consultant will ensure that your business is up to date with any changes to the law and provide HR advice on how to implement into your business. Your consultant will always be available to provide guidance and support on any HR issues which may arise on a daily basis. 


Our employment law consultants ensure that all your HR company documentation is in line with current legislation in Ireland. This includes your employment contracts, employee handbooks, HR policies and procedures. We will ensure that your documents are tailored specifically to your business in order to minimise financial risk from external sources.  


Providing HR Support For Almost 20 Years



The HR Suite have provided HR and employment law support and advice throughout Ireland for over fourteen years. The success of the business can be attributed to the contribution of qualified, motivated and committed employment law consultants and HR specialists. 


Our team aim to continuously strive to achieve a better innovative way in which the company can offer an excellent HR service to all our clients. We take great pride in our company ethos – “To go above and beyond customer’s expectations”. We do this by providing superior and consistent client HR support and the highest standard of professionalism. 


Caroline Reidy has over 20 years as an expert in HR and Employment Law with a Masters in HR from the University of Limerick. Caroline is a former member of the Low Pay Commission and is an Adjudicator in the WRC. Caroline is a proven top trainer and presenter, keynote speaker, expert workplace investigator and mediator. 


The HR Suite have partnered in various programmes with Enterprise Ireland, Skillnet Ireland, Rebound Mentoring, Local Enterprise Offices, and various other programmes throughout the country. The HR Suite feature regularly on Radio Kerry, Today FM, RTE Radio 1, Newstalk, Cork’s 96 FM and Virgin Media Ireland.  We draft numerous articles for publications nationwide relating to Employment Law and HR. 


The HR Suite offer systems solutions including an online HR software to streamline your HR functions, a learning
management system and an EAP service.

Business Solutions

We help organisations that have an idea of their HR destination but are unsure about which path to take. 

HR Outsourcing

We can give you an invaluable opportunity to have a dedicated HR department without the cost of recruiting one in-house. 

HR Training In Ireland

We provide a full suite of HR and Employment Law training services.  This can be offered on-site and online training platforms to suit your business needs. 

HR Courses

We provide individuals and businesses with best practice HR, employment law and people management courses.  Your employees may access the LMS at any time, any location and on any device. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In a competitive employment market, our employment law consultants can assist with the recruitment process for your business.  It is essential that your business stays ahead in this competitive environment when recruiting best talent. 

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Employment Law Consultant FAQ’s

What Is HR outsourcing?

HR and employment law outsourcing provides an HR solution to large enterprises, multinational companies and small and medium-sized organisations that don’t want the hassle of hiring an in-house team.  Your business with be assigned your own dedicated HR & Employment Law Advisor who will ensure your business has the required HR documentation in place. This will ensure that your business is compliant with employment law legislation. Your HR advisor will support your recruitment function and advise and guidance relating to the HR function when required. This may include representation in WRC hearings and assistance in HR audits.

What is employment law?

All employers in Ireland are obliged to ensure that their employees receive certain basic employment rights such as rest breaks, leave from work, the right to disconnect and various protection leaves. The employer must ensure that all the basic employment rights are maintained with good and competent record-keeping and document control. 

How is employment law enforced in Ireland?

The WRC enforce employment law in Ireland.  The purpose of the WRC is to monitor employment conditions and ensure compliance with and enforcement of employment legislation.  This may involve an inspection or a complainant issuing a complaint directly to the WRC. The Labour Court can investigate disputes in exceptional circumstances and deals with appeals.

How does employment law affect a business?

Employment Law is in place to protect the working relationship between the employer and their employees. Businesses that are not compliant with such legislation may face penalties issued by the WRC. Such breaches in employment law can be damaging to your business. This may damage the business’s reputation with customers/clients, current staff and prospective staff. 

What company documentation is required?

An employer should ensure that all statutory records are maintained including accurate record keeping. An employer should ensure that all employment contracts, employee handbooks, and policies and procedures are in place according to legislation.

Explain how employment law affects an organisation's HR and business policies and practices?

Employment law requirements are in place to ensure that your business has written policies and practices relating to the employment relationship. This includes the employment contract and employee handbook. 

What would I hire an employment law consultant for?

An Employment Law Consultant will support your business in ensuring all HR and employment law practices are in line with current legislation. Your business will always have the most up-to-date advice and guidance available to your team. Your dedicated consultant will ensure your HR practices are in line with the strategic plan for your business. 

What other services do The HR Suite provide?

The HR Suite provides outsourced HR consultancy. We are renowned for providing best-practice guidance on the HR strategy for your business. We have expertise in leading your recruitment function & provide interview coaching for all of your management teams. We can assist you in setting up your business in Ireland or if you choose to relocate your business here. 

The HR Suite offers HR training courses to employers in areas such as Employment Law in Ireland, Leadership Development Programme, Management Development Programme, Conflict Management, Workplace Wellbeing, Time Management, Dignity & Respect in the Workplace, Diversity & Inclusion, People Management, Performance Management and Menopause in the Workplace.

HR outsourcing involves a company outsourcing its HR tasks to an HR consultant, such as The HR Suite. This might include helping out with the recruitment process implemented, looking for a dedicated employment law consultant to help with legislation to adhere to, needing advice when setting up a business in Ireland or building an HR strategy for multinationals.