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Interview Skills for Hiring Managers - Training Course



Gain – Practical skills and best practice approach to interviewing 

Purpose – Develop and enhance your interview skills as a Hiring Manager, ensure best practices, learn questioning techniques and interview structure 

Audience– Any person in large companies, SMEs or the public sector that wants to develop skills in the interview process, is new to the interview process, or requires a refresher on best practice interviewing techniques.  

Expertise – Delivered by our trainers who have first-hand experience in the interview process 

Delivery – Virtual classroom or in-person training  

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This course will be delivered virtually, and we will be interactive enabling the learner to gain new skills by developing their questioning skills, understanding the STAR approach to interviewing, and best practice interview structure. 


Interview skills are an integral and fundamental part of any people manager or hiring manager’s role. Relevant interview questions can lead to a successful hire and ultimately increase retention in an organisation.   

Our course is designed for anyone working in SMEs, large companies or the public sector. This course is designed to provide learners with an increased understanding of the role of the Hiring Manager in recruitment. 

Our course provides insight into all areas of the interview process, from designing the job specification, to the interview process itself, competency-based interview questions and closing out the interview, and gaining practical advice along the way. 


Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an Insight into best practice recruitment policies.  
  • Understand the role of the Hiring Manager.  
  • Learn how to structure an interview, preparation, the interview itself and post-interview.  
  • Learn new questioning techniques, assessing for skill level, cultural fit and behavioural-based questions. 

Course Details

In this interview skills training course, the following topics will be covered:

  • Recruitment practices  
  • Interview Structure
  • Questioning Techniques  
  • Putting candidates at ease 
  • Dos and don’ts of interviewing  
  • Probing questions  
  • Assessing for cultural fit  
  • Paper trail  
  • Legal requirements 
  • Closing Interviews  

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for anyone that manages people that work in SMEs, large companies or the public sector .

New or existing hiring managers who wish to gain knowledge and skills on best practice interview skills. If you want to develop your approach to interviews, how to deal with awkward questions, how to ask probing and competency-based questions and hire for success, then this course is for you.   

Skills gained

This interview skills training course will ensure your interviews are robust and lead to successful hires. 

You will gain skills such as:  

  • Knowing the importance of preparing for an interview 
  • Prepare robust interview questions   
  • How to ask probing questions  
  • How to format and interview  
  • The importance of completing relevant interview documentation 

Benefits of the course

Experts – Delivered by a team of experts, with hands-on experience in recruiting and interviewing, and can offer practical insight and share their own experience. 

Best Practice – Gain the best interview skill techniques and questioning and understand the legislation that governs interviews.

Interview Structure – learn the importance of best practice recruitment, interview preparation, interview structure and closing out interviews.

What’s new in interviewing – understand the new key trends, cultural fit, and interviewing for retention. 

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Why is interview skills training important?

Interviewing is an integral part of the recruitment process. It is important that all interviewers are equipped with the required skills to conduct an interview in order to ask the best possible questions in the interview in order to determine and select the correct person fit to meet the role requirements.  

Interview skills training equips hiring managers with these skills and looks at how biases and not asking the right questions can hinder the process.

What types of questioning techniques are there?

There are many types of questions used as part of an interview, there are questions to ease the candidate into the interview itself, there are probing questions, competency and technical questions, general questions and cultural fit questions. All of these are explored in this interview skills training course.

What other services do The HR Suite offer?

The HR Suite provides many additional services in addition to HR consultancy services providing you with a one-stop service for your business. We can assist you with your recruitment and talent requirement and needs. We can work in conjunction with your management team in deciding on your business strategy going forward. 

We deliver many HR training courses both in a virtual capacity and face-to-face capacity on topics including workplace well-being, time management and conflict management. 

Additionally, we offer many course options on our highly innovative and interactive eLearning platform. If you are setting up a business in Ireland or relocating to Ireland, The HR Suite is the ideal partner for your business.