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Employment Law in Ireland - Training Course


Employment Law Course in Ireland

Gain: Learn about employment law, how it affects you and your business, and what policies you may need to create or adapt to reflect the new legislation.

Purpose: Develop and increase your knowledge around employment law, what it means for you, updates on recent legislation, key considerations, and how to implement them in your business.

Audience: Any person in large companies, SMEs, or the public sector, business owner, or HR professional who is seeking a refresher or introduction to key employment legislation.

Expertise: Delivered by our trainers, who have vast and best-practice knowledge and application of employment law.

Delivery: virtual classroom or in-person training.

Cost: Contact us for a quote.


  • Employment Law Update
  • Your Obligations
    • Contracts
    • Policies
    • Training 
    • Paper Trail
    • GDPR
  • Day to Day Employment Legislation
    • Employment Equality
    • Payment of Wages
    • Deductions
    • Work Permits
    • The Working Week
    • Annual Leave
    • Breaks
    • Rest Periods
    • Maternity Leave
    • Paternity Leave
    • Parental Leave
    • Parents Leave 
  • Managing Probation & Performance Management Basics
  • Disciplinary & Grievance Basics
  • Exit Management Basics 
  • Takeaway Exercise/ Q&A

Course Overview

This employment law course aims to upskill learners in the area of employment legislation, understand why employment law is important, and gain knowledge on the key pieces of legislation you need to be compliant with.

Our course is designed for anyone working in SMEs, large companies, the public sector, business owners, or HR professionals.

Our course is delivered by employment law experts who will facilitate a questions and answers session, so you can gain first-hand answers to key and pertinent employment law questions. 

Ensure you are compliant in all areas of employment law and that your policies are up-to-date by signing up for this course.

About The Course

Learning Outcomes

  • Have a greater understanding of the responsibilities of management under employment law legislation.
  • Gain a greater understanding of case law.
  • Have a general overview of employment law that governs all areas of the employee lifecycle, with a particular focus on probation and performance management.
  • Be aware of new and upcoming legislative updates that will impact policies and ways of working.

Course Details

In this employment law course in Ireland, the following topics will be covered:

  • Employment Equality 
  • Payment of Wages 
  • Deductions
  • Work Permits 
  • The Working Week 
  • Annual Leave 
  • Breaks 
  • Rest Periods 
  • Maternity Leave 
  • Paternity Leave 
  • Parental Leave 
  • Parents Leave  
  • Family Leave  
  • Probation and Performance Management Basics 
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Basics 
  • Exit Management Basics  
  • Takeaway Exercise/Q&A 

Who Is The Course For?

The course is designed for anyone who manages people who work in SMEs, large companies, or the public sector, as well as business owners and HR professionals.

This course is designed to inform and educate on employment law compliance. If you are new to business or people management, want a refresh as an HR professional, or want to conduct a self-audit on employment law compliance in your organisation then this course is for you.

Skills Gained

In this employment law course, you will navigate your way through employment law that affects all areas of the employee journey, understand the key areas of employment law, and why it is important to you. You will also explore the key policies that should be in place and learn about new and upcoming legislation and its impact.

You will gain skills such as:

  • Knowing the importance of applying employment legislation.
  • Knowing what policies are affected and what policies will need updating to reflect employment legislation.
  • Hear about case law and understand the importance of not being compliant with processes and policy updates.
  • Understand the importance of policy awareness and communication in your organisation.

Benefits Of The Course

Experts: Delivered by a team of experts that have vast knowledge and experience in employment law and how to apply it.

Case Law: Caroline Reidy is a workplace relations adjudicator and has first-hand knowledge and experience of case law and employment legislation. This expert knowledge forms the foundation of this employment law training course.

Best Practice: Learn how to be compliant under all areas of employment legislation to ensure best practices.

How to apply it: Know what policies need updating to reflect legislation.

What’s new: Employment legislation updates regularly in Ireland, which derives from EU directives. This course is tailored to inform you of new and upcoming legislative changes and amendments.

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Why do I need to learn about employment law as an employer?

It is now more important than ever to ensure compliance with employment legislation. Over the past number of years, key pieces of legislation have been introduced in Ireland in the areas of work permits, family leave, the right to request remote working, and more recently probationary periods. All current and new legislation governs our work landscapes and it is our responsibility to ensure we are up to date with employment legislation.  

Employment legislation governs an organisation’s policies and procedures, and the best practice is to ensure these policies are updated and reflect ongoing legislative changes.

What experience do I need for this course?

You did not need to have any employment law experience on knowledge before taking this course. The HR Suite has designed this best practice employment law course to give a full overview of key legislation, therefore it appeals to anyone new to employment legislation in Ireland but is equally as a refresher course.

Will I receive a certificate for this course?

Yes. All learners receive a certificate of attendance.  

How is the course delivered?

This course can be delivered in person or virtually.

What other services or courses are available?

The HR Suite offers bespoke training solutions to meet the HR training needs of your organisation. Our training offering ranges from best practice HR training courses such as time management, Managing Disciplinaries, and Conducting Investigations, to soft skills such as people management training courses, management development programmes and leadership development programmes.

The HR Suite are up to date with our training offering to ensure we meet the continued needs of our clients, and as a result, we have best practice workplace wellbeing courseDiversity & Inclusion and Dignity and Respect training courses, employment law course, performance management course, conflict management course, menopause in the workplace or other courses to meet the needs of both employees and management.

The above training courses can be delivered online or in person. We also offer versions of the above courses as eLearning courses which are accessible through the HR Suite’s eLearning platform.

Our HR consultancy firm provides HR outsourcing services in areas such as the recruitment process, employment law, HR strategy for multinationals and setting up business in Ireland and more.