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Conflict Management Course

CPD-certified course with downloadable certificate of completion  

Gain: This conflict management course helps you gain vital interpersonal skills that give you the confidence to manage conflict in the workplace, for example during Grievance Procedures or Disciplinary Procedures. 

Delivery: virtual classroom or face-to-face delivery 

Audience: anybody who is involved in people management  

Expertise: experienced trainers with wide-ranging experience in professional people management training 

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  • Assertiveness
  • Communication
  • Relationship Building
  • Conflict
  • Impact & Influencing Your Team
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Feedback

Introduction to Conflict Management

Conflict management in the workplace is more common than you think; the Irish Times claims that one in four Irish employers experience a workplace dispute each year.

In this conflict management course, The HR Suite will explore conflict management strategies so you can handle team conflict effectively and with confidence.

Great communication is the key to managing and resolving conflict in the workplace. Through active listening and asking the right questions at the right time, we discuss communication styles to increase your confidence when dealing with challenging times at work.  

About The Course

Learning outcomes

Learn skills to become a better, more assertive communicator.

Know how to build lasting relationships.

Gain an understanding of how to deal with and address conflict.

Have the ability to accept feedback and use it constructively.

Course details

Conflict Management Course Details :

  • The Role of Conflict Management  
  • The Conflict Resolution Process 
  • Assertiveness vs. cooperativeness using five conflict-handling modes: 
  1. Competing 
  2. Accommodating 
  3. Avoiding 
  4. Collaborating 
  5. Compromising 

It also deals with the correct way to communicate; therefore, we look at:

  • Importance of Communication   
  • Communication styles   
  • Right time, right place, right context, right questions   
  • The Art of Asking the Right Questions   
  • Dealing with difficult people 
  • Giving constructive feedback 
  • Creative solutions and finding common ground 
  • Handling team conflict  
  • Neutralising emotions  

Who is the course for?

If you are a people manager, team leader, work with teams, or work in HR and would like to build up your skills to deal with challenging behaviour, and conflict at work and be able to effectively manage conflict resolution, then this conflict management course is perfect for you.

Why choose this conflict management course?

  • Develop your communication skills 
  • Become more assertive and confident when managing conflict in the workplace 
  • Gains skills that support the conflict resolution process  
  • Effectively use Emotional Intelligence to navigate team conflict and neutralise the emotion

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What is conflict management?

Most employees are likely to encounter conflict in the workplace at some stage as they all have unique personalities and personal views. 

Conflict management is all about using a set of techniques to resolve conflict and build team relations to create a harmonious workplace culture. 

Techniques include the facilitation of meetings, contributing to resolution and providing guidelines on how to work together in the future. 

How to deal with conflict at work?

Resolving conflict should be dealt with in a systematic approach. 

Find the route of the conflict so you can build a clear picture of the situation. 

Attempt to bring both parties together in a neutral environment where both feel comfortable. 

Listen, give both parties time to air their grievance and engage one to one to ensure you understand both. 

Find and agree on a solution with both parties to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

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