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Dignity & Respect In The Workplace Training



Gain – Our dignity and respect in the workplace training is designed to create awareness and educate on the prevalent topic of dignity and respect in the workplace.  

Learners will gain an understanding of the importance of boundaries and living by acceptable behaviours while at work to ensure a positive workplace, one that is free from bullying and harassment.

Purpose – Create awareness among colleagues and management alike on the importance of a positive workplace culture, one that accepts and respects differences among colleagues, and will provide top tips on how to live by acceptable behaviours while at work.

Audience– This course is designed with employees and managers in mind. This generic course provides insight into legislation and the definitions of bullying and harassment. The course has an add-on module for management that provides best practice recommendations on the practical things to do to embed a culture of dignity and respect.

Expertise – Delivered by our own trainers, who have vast and best-practice knowledge and application of soft skills development.

Delivery – Virtual classroom, in-person training, or eLearning course.

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  • Legislation
  • New Code of Practice concerning the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work
  • Employer & Employee Obligations 
  • Policies
  • Defining Bullying, Harassment & Sexual Harassment 
  • Informal Processes
  • Formal Process
  • Workplace Culture
  • Effective Teamwork 
  • Remote Working Tips on Dignity and Respect in the Workplace


The Dignity and Respect in the Workplace training course is designed to provide learners with an increased understanding of the need for specific policies in the workplace and to gain an understanding of what is and is not acceptable in the workplace in terms of conduct towards others and in general.

On completion of this Dignity & Respect course, learners will understand the importance of acceptable behaviours and being respectful in the workplace.  Learners will acquire knowledge options available under the company policy should they have an alleged complaint of bullying or harassment.

About The Course

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this Dignity & Respect in the Workplace training course, learners will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the meaning of bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment 
  • Develop knowledge of legislation surrounding bullying in the workplace, including the Code of Practice on Bullying and Harassment  
  • Learn about the importance of dignity and respect in the workplace  
  • Listen to recent case law and take key learnings 
  • Learn how to live by acceptable behaviours and the importance of boundaries when it comes to workplace banter


As learners navigate through this Dignity & Respect in the Workplace training course, the following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to Dignity and Respect and the role it plays in an ever-changing work landscape.
  • Legislation New Code of Practice concerning the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work.
  • Employer and employee obligations in the area of dignity and respect and the role employees have to play
  • Defining bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment
  • Company Policy and Options within the Company Policy
  • Workplace Culture.
  • Living by acceptable behaviors
  • Speaking up and the Power of One

Who is the course for?

This Dignity and Respect in the Workplace training course is specifically targeted at both employees and managers. All employees are responsible for living with dignity and respect in the workplace. This is a best-practice training course that will create awareness among all learners about the importance of dignity, respect, and inclusiveness. The add-on manager module is designed specifically to prompt managers to cultivate and embed a culture of dignity and respect within their teams and to role model acceptable behaviours.

Skills Gained

You will gain skills such as:

Knowing boundaries, understanding that different employees have different levels of offence, and knowing when inappropriate comments or behaviour can lend themselves to a challenge in the area of bullying and harassment.

The course also details examples of bullying and harassment in order to create awareness in this area.

Benefits Of The Course

Experts: Delivered by a team of experts who can provide practical insight into how to create positive workplace cultures and provide learnings from the case studies contained within the course, all with the aim of the learners leaving the training with an understanding of their role to play.

Experience: Our specialist team has vast experience in delivering performance management training, from best practice off-the-shelf content to bespoke programmes incorporating their own performance management process and system.

How to apply it: As learners navigate through the Dignity & Respect eLearning course, it will offer a variety of case law and links to supplementary material that will provoke thought and increase learning.

For both the virtual and onsite Dignity & Respect course, the facilitator will invite learners to engage in group discussions on the topic and breakout sessions on living acceptable behaviours.

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What is dignity and respect at work?

Dignity and Respect at work refer to how employees respect and show respect towards other employees, regardless of backgrounds, beliefs, or cultural differences.  

Dignity and Respect are about treating employees fairly, listening to their ideas and opinions, and valuing their contributions to ensure employees come to work in a safe environment. 

What are examples of dignity and respect at work?

Examples of dignity and respect at work are respecting employees’ differences and ensuring that employees do not discriminate against others based on any of the nine discriminatory grounds, which include race, religion, family status, gender, civil status, age, membership in the traveller community, or disability.

Employees who role model acceptable behaviours will create a positive workplace and one where everyone feels safe to come to work.

Why is respect and dignity important in the workplace?

Dignity and respect are vital in the workplace as they create a positive workplace, where employees feel valued and listened to, where opinions and ideas are welcomed and everyone is accepted regardless of differences in culture, background, beliefs, and preferences.

Dignity and respect are the foundation for all good conversations, role modelling acceptable behaviours and calling out unacceptable conduct is important to ensure a workplace that is free from bullying and harassment. The Code of Practice on Bullying Prevention and Resolution puts forward a best practice guide for all employers when it comes to dignity and respect, advocating that any challenges around bullying or harassment are dealt with from an early onset.

Case Law in Ireland proves that when it comes to bullying and harassment it is always the effect that is considered and not the intention, therefore, upholding respectful workplaces and knowing boundaries ensures that all employees are aware of when a comment causes offence, even if there was no bad intention. 

How do you maintain respect and dignity in the workplace?

Dignity and respect need to be cultivated and embedded in all organisations to ensure that workplaces are free from bullying and harassment. Training courses on dignity and respect should be mandatory for all employees, and the HR Suite would recommend all employees, including management, leadership teams, and new employees, be trained on the topic.

To ensure consistency and to serve as a reminder, it would be beneficial to create awareness through posters, calendar days, and mini-annual training sessions to keep the agenda of dignity and respect at the forefront.

What other services do the HR Suite offer?

Our HR consultancy offers best-practice HR solutions to businesses across Ireland and on a global scale. The HR suite provides HR outsourcing and can work with HR teams to implement best practice HR solutions, policies, strategies, and advice on employment law in an ever-changing landscape, ensuring your organisation is legally compliant. When an organisation engages with the HR Suite, they will be partnered with an experienced HR and employment law consultant who will offer guidance and support on grievances procedures, disciplinary procedures and general policies and procedures.  

We also target employees and employers with high-quality HR training courses.  Some of them include an employment law course, leadership development programme, workplace wellbeing course, people management course, management development programme, diversity and inclusion training, time management course, conflict management course, menopause in the workplace training, performance management course and plenty more. Check them out on our HR training page.

Our eLearning courses offer accessible learning, best practice content, and certification, and are all CPD-certified. To learn more about the eLearning courses we have on offer, you can visit our eLearning platform and request a call with us. We would be happy to talk through and find a training solution to meet you and your organisation’s needs.