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Gain: This course is designed to give learners an increased understanding of the performance process, the importance of managing performance in a structured way, tools and techniques to give feedback to improve performance, how to hold performance review meetings, and the importance of setting SMART goals as part of the performance management process.

Purpose: Develop an understanding of the importance of managing performance, highlight the positive effect of feedback on your team, and how it impacts positively team performance and morale.

Audience: This course is specifically designed for managers, any person in large companies, SMEs, or the public sector, business owners, or HR professionals who manage people.

Expertise: Delivered by our trainers, who have vast and best-practice knowledge and application of soft skills development.

Delivery: virtual classroom or in-person training.

Cost: Contact us for a quote.


This performance management course aims to educate and instil a focus on the importance of managing performance, both on a day-to-day basis via in-the-moment conversations and through a robust formal performance management process.  

Lack of time can be a disabler to managing performance, however, proactively managing performance in a fair and consistent manager is a vital people management skill and a necessity for employee retention, motivation and satisfaction.  

This performance management course will look at performance management as the start of an employee’s journey, that is right from recruitment, to onboarding and through the employee’s journey. 



  • Recruitment


  • Why invest in induction?
  • Aims of induction
  • Benefits of induction


  • Aims of probation
  • Benefits of probation
  • Relevant case law
  • The process of probation 
  • The documentation of probation 


  • Why should my organisation conduct performance appraisals?
  • High-performance cultures
  • Objectives of performance management
  • Benefits of performance management



  • Psychological Safety
  • How to?
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Improvement Techniques


  • Legal aspects
  • Before the meeting
  • During the meeting
  • After the meeting
  • Dealing with difficult people


  • Performance management & feedback
  • Continuous feedback
  • Constructive feedback
  • Tips for giving feedback


  • Work support & supervision
  • Receiving feedback
  • Effective communication
  • Assertive Communication
  • Active Listening 
  • Common Pitfalls as People Managers
  • Questioning
  • Assertive Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Motivation

About the course

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this Performance Management Training Course, managers will:

  • Understand and implement the law surrounding the probationary period  
  • Understand why performance management is critical to organizational success 
  • Understand best practice performance review meeting structure 
  • Maximize your workforce’s expertise, ideas and skills 
  • Be able to manage your team effectively 
  • Develop and learn techniques to give and receive effective feedback 

Who is the course for?

This performance management course is specifically targeted at people managers or anyone new to people management. This course will provide an in-depth look at how performance management is weaved into all areas of the employee lifecycle or for any people manager who wants to upskill in the area of the performance management process.

Skills gained

You will gain skills such as:

  • Knowing how to hold a performance management meeting
  • How to provide feedback to improve performance
  • Setting goals and targets that are both performance- and behavior-related and
  • Putting personal development plans in place for your team.

Benefits of the course

Experts: Delivered by a team of experts who can provide practical insight into the importance of managing performance through the probationary period in line with new legislation, managing performance once probation has passed, goal setting, and agreeing on personal development plans and goals for the team members.

Experience: Our specialist team has vast experience in delivering performance management training, from best-practice off-the-shelf content to bespoke programmes incorporating their performance management process and system.

How to apply it: The facilitator will invite the participants to take part in group discussions and scenario conversations to gain practical insight into managing performance.  

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Performance Management Course FAQ’s

What is performance management ?

It is a process used to drive review performance over the past number of months, offer constructive feedback, set goals and agree on a personal development plan for team members.

Why is performance management important ?

Performance management is a positive step and provides clear goals and paths for team members for the period ahead. Without clear goals and plans then it is difficult for employees to know what they are working towards.

What type of services does The HR Suite offer?

As highly recommended HR consultants, we offer many HR services to SMEs in Ireland such as having an employment law consultant assigned to your company, helping with your recruitment process, or any general HR services you want to outsource.

Our HR courses target employees and employers.  Some include an employment law course, leadership development programme, workplace wellbeing course, people management course, management development programme, diversity and inclusion training, time management course, conflict management course, menopause in the workplace training, performance management course and more. Check them out on our HR training page.

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