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Time Management Course

CPD-certified course: Certificate of Completion is available to download upon course completion.

Gain: Want to increase your focus and productivity? This time management course provides practical skills so you can be more proactive and feel less stressed at work.

Delivery: The time management course can be delivered virtually or in person.

Audience: Employees, managers, business owners, and HR personnel.

Expertise: Our training specialists have extensive knowledge and experience that they kindly share in these interactive training sessions.

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  • Managing what you do
  • Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
  • Time Audit
  • Setting Priorities
  • Procrastination
  • Planning
  • Managing where you work
  • Being Organised
  • Good Habits
  • Managing I.T.
  • The importance of Communication
  • Listening
  • Phone Calls and Meetings
  • Taking Control
  • Mind Mapping
  • Stress
  • Downtime
  • Personal Action Plan

Introduction to Time Management

Procrastination is the thief of time! If you want to develop key skills in time management, identify where your time is going, and take control then this course is for you.

Time management is essential in your work and personal life. Time is a unique resource; it cannot be accumulated. We are forced to spend it, whether we like it or not, at a fixed rate of 60 minutes an hour. We will share invaluable time management skills that ensure you are getting the most out of your day.

The time management techniques we explore during this course will help you to prioritise your tasks, identify goals, and ultimately reduce stress. We will also examine techniques to manage ourselves, others, work, systems and resources

This time management course will examine techniques to manage oneself, others, work, and systems.

Either run the day or the day runs you!

About the course

Learning outcomes

Develop the skills and knowledge of how to be more organised and efficient to achieve work outputs.

Explore how you use your time at work now and how you need to use it, focusing on why you are on the payroll.

Develop a process to structure daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, building methodologies to use in rapidly changing environments.

Be able to define what the priorities are and how to get control over a challenging to-do list.

A personal action plan with tangible actions to implement key learning points will form a ‘takeaway’ from this course.

Course details

  • Managing what you do
  • Managing to work with others
  • Managing where you work
  • Managing everyday
  • Managing your communication
  • Top Tips

Who is this course for?

Employees, managers, HR business partners, and business owners—do you want to get more done in less time? All of us can benefit from time management skills and tips to improve work-life balance, reduce stress, and increase wellbeing.

Benefits of taking this course

  • Gain practical time management skills that you can apply today to support a better work-life balance
  • Manage procrastination with clear goals.
  • Effective time management skills will give you more time to think and plan ahead
  • Less stress and more confidence

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What is time management?

Time management is a way to organise your time which allows you to increase productivity. Time management allows you to plan and control the amount of time you spend on a task to maximise the effectiveness of your efforts. Time management also enables you to organise your time to ensure that your complete tasks in the most effective order and finish on schedule.

Why is time management important?

An individual may do more in less time with effective time management, which also reduces stress and helps foster greater success in your career. Time management skills enable you to achieve greater goals inside and outside of work, lowering procrastination and boosting productivity. Time management also allows you to get more tasks done to a better standard, in a shorter time frame.

How to improve time management?

Time management skills can be improved by implementing a few techniques such as: determining your priorities, organising your day in advance, using time management systems, and avoiding detractions and procrastination.

How can time management improve skills?

Time management is critical as your goals will be made clear, and your most crucial tasks will be given top priority. The use of time management skills will ensure you have more time as a result to produce bigger and better results. You can plan your day and perform better when you have good time management techniques. Prior planning each day has also been found to increase output.

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