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Leadership Development Programme

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Leadership Development Programme

Gain: Practical skills and knowledge; personality profiling (DISC).

Purpose: Develop and enhance leadership skills with a focus on behaviour, communication, and confidence-building.

Audience: Anyone who wants to develop their leadership style in an ever-changing landscape should attend this leadership development programme.

Expertise: Facilitated by our expert trainers, who have a wealth of leadership experience to share. 

Delivery: virtual classroom or in-person training.

Cost: Contact us for a quote.


This informative and interactive modular development programme is specifically targeted at leaders to further develop and enhance core leadership skills, with a focus on key behaviours required to be a successful leader.

Learners will be required to complete a D.I.S.C. before commencing the programme. This will form the foundation of the development programme and will be referenced throughout the 4 modules:

Module 1: Leading to success
Module 2: Having powerful conversations
Module 3: Resilience in a changing landscape
Module 4: Collaboration and Emotional Courage

Course Overview

Navigating your way through your Personality report—key learnings—and transferring to a Learning Log

Leadership versus Management

What makes a great leader?

Leading in a new and ever-changing landscape

Emotional Intelligence

Developing emotional courage and knowing how to use it

Resilience for Leaders

Coaching using different tools and techniques

The importance of collaboration

Alignment of collaboration and engagement to retain and develop

About the course

Learning Outcomes

  • Complete a D.I.S.C
  • Gain insight into their leadership style and areas for continuous improvement
  • Understand the power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand the leadership behaviours that need to be role models in today’s ever-changing work landscape
  • Understand the importance of resilience as a leader under the remit of hybrid working, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Leading by example
  • The importance of coaching-style conversations
  • Gain insight into emotional courage and the role it plays in effective leadership
  • Understand the importance of collaboration and inclusive environments to achieve organisational success 

Course Details

The leadership development training is made up of 4 X 2-hour modules, including DISC profiling and is broken down as follows:

DISC is a personal assessment tool that helps improve teamwork, communication, and productivity. DISC stands for (D)dominance, (i)influence, (S)steadiness and (C)conscientiousness. DISC also helps to build stronger, more effective relationships through self-awareness, improved communication, effective management, and conflict resolution. 

It is made up of 4 X 2-hour modules, broken down as follows:

Module 1: Leading for success 

Module 2: Having Powerful Conversations 

Module 3: Resilience in a changing landscape 

Module 4: Collaboration and Emotional Courage 

Who is the course for?

If you simply want to improve your leadership skills, you should consider enrolling in this leadership development course, where you will identify your strengths and weaknesses using DISC profiling and gain the necessary skills and behaviours to become a stronger, more resilient leader.

If you struggle to respond to business challenges and want to build up your confidence, then look no further.  

Within the leadership programme, we explore communication styles, coaching skills, and emotional intelligence that drive succession planning, team cohesion, motivation, and productivity.

Benefits of the course

  • Experts: Delivered by a team of experts, one point of contact
  • Best Practice: Gain Best practice skills and knowledge
  • DISC: Find out your personality style to improve key skills in leadership
  • Communication: Develop your style of communication to gain results that support business strategy
  • Coaching: Nurture talent-driven skills development and retention

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What is leadership development?

Leadership development is a course or programme in place to develop employees to become managers or leaders. The training supports the development of skills required to effectively lead teams, manage business challenges and support company growth. Leadership development boosts employee engagement, closes the gap in the talent pipeline, improves communication, motivates employees and creates a healthier corporate culture. Great leaders have a positive impact on those around them so it is crucial to have leadership development training as part of their annual strategy.

Why should I do a leadership development program?

If you are a current leader or an aspiring leader it is critical to develop some core skills. These include effective communication, decision-making, time management, delegation, problem-solving, and relationship-building. By continuously upskilling your leadership qualities you positively affect a company’s growth, helping them remain competitive, and better understand the importance of your role. Some leadership competencies that you will develop include social and emotional intelligence, conflict management, interpersonal skills, decision-making, coaching, performance management, change management, and management of self, task and team.

Why is leadership development important?

A leader’s goal is to inspire commitment, reward achievement, lead their employees, strategic planning and manage change with resilience. Leaders must also develop their employees, creating opportunities for them to grow and be able to look within with honesty and practice self-awareness. It enables continuous improvement, supports leadership effectiveness and helps retain employees. Remember employees don’t leave a company, they leave a manager so it is so important to have highly skilled leaders driving your organisation’s success.

What type of services does The HR Suite offer?

As one of Ireland’s leading HR consultants, we offer a lot of HR services, such as having an employment law consultant assigned to your business, helping with your recruitment process or any general HR services that you wish to outsource.

HR Training courses are another area The HR Suite does really well. Some of them include an employment law course, leadership development programme, workplace wellbeing course, people management course, management development programme, diversity and inclusion training, time management course, conflict management course, menopause in the workplace training, performance management course and plenty more. Check them out on our HR training page.

Perhaps you are not ready to commit to a course just yet and want to do some reading on a particular topic, then our blog is the perfect place to start. We currently have blogs about annual leave in Ireland, understanding what to wear to an interview, disciplinary procedures and grievance procedures.